Welcome to the Mechanics of Tarot.

Whether you are looking for a tarot reader or want to learn more about tarot so that you can read for yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Wing and I’ve been reading tarot for over twenty years.

I believe there are two styles of tarot divination – predictive and meditative. Predictive divination aims to foresee the future (and this is the type you see in movies!) while meditative divination helps people gain clarity through contemplation.

My readings are primarily meditative as my goal is to assist you with your spiritual development. I believe that tarot is most beneficial when used as a tool for self-reflection because this ultimately leads to self-awareness and empowerment. These are the qualities that I wish to impart.

In additional to individual readings, I read for parties and events as well. My experiences include conventions in the Greater Toronto Area, Gay Pride Parade and a corporate event for an international hotel chain.

I also teach and write about tarot. I’ve conducted teaching workshops hosted through Michaels Canada and Anime North. Workshops can be customized to focus on the various aspects of tarot or the theme of the event.

My writing includes deck reviews and articles for The Toronto Star.

If you are interested in an individual/group reading or a teaching workshop, please visit the Services page.

I hope you enjoy your visit!