The Star

The following is a collection of writings for The Toronto Star.

A tarot card reading for 2023

A tarot reading to cope wit the stress of travelling

Tarot and the art of self-critique

What can tarot teach us about temperance?

A tarot reading about starting a new project

‘Who am I?’ – how to use tarot as a means of self-discovery

Why there’s no need to fear the death card in tarot

A tarot reading about perseverance

A look ahead tarot reading for 2022

A collective tarot reading to practice critical thinking

How can tarot help us connect with our spirituality? A reading

What can tarot teach us about love? A collective reading

A tarot reading to overcome damaging beliefs

Tarot reading: How can we manifest the potential for magic in our lives?

A tarot reading to cultivate positivity

A tarot reading to address the modern day rat race

A tarot reading to prepare for reopening

A tarot reading to practise speaking our truths

A tarot reading on how to deal with difficult people

A tarot reading for today’s youth

How tarot can offer cues to help us on our mental health journey

The devil in tarot: An explainer and collective reading

How to develop a positive relationship with wealth through tarot

A tarot card reading for the collective, in these changing and uncertain times