My team hired Wing to provide tarot card readings for community members at a Pride event.  Wing was friendly, warm, approachable and professional.  Every youth and community member who had a reading with Wing gave very positive feedback, particularly about the accuracy of Wing’s reading.  Wing was truly a wonderful addition to our team event.

~ Shivana, Social Worker


My personal experience with Wing was revealing, reaffirming and connected deeply to an issue that was top of my mind. My reading assured me I was on the right path and challenged me to go deeper emotionally. I don’t understand how it works, I don’t know how she does it, but I do believe Wing has a unique sense of insight, one that is gifted to very few people.

~ Sabrina


Although I was a bit nervous at first, I was very comfortable with you, sharing with you and hearing the message.  You completely understood where I was at, even the uncomfortable questions I may have had, you knew exactly how to open up and hear the message being delivered to me.  You’re absolutely amazing.  Your kind, patient and passionate about how you help!  Thank you for instilling the confidence I needed to take the next brave step forward.  You helped confirm what I had inside and reassure that I was on the correct path and that I had to trust that inner voice and power that was about to move me forward.

~ Lesley


As a tarot reader it is always hard to find a good reader to help you through life’s questions. Wing is undeniably one of the most knowledgeable tarot readers I have met. She is very quick to understand what the messages you are to receive and does so with such sincere compassion. Her calm and introspective manner of reading the cards will let you feel you are in safe, perceptive and authentic hands. Aside from reading, she is also an incredible teacher. Her ability to connect the tarot with various symbolic, ancient and complex cultural ideas brings such a breadth of knowledge to any conversation or lesson she may deliver. She has helped me through countless struggles, taught me valuable lessons about my practice as a tarot reader and helped me to gain a greater understanding of my purpose and path in life. I will continue to see Wing for readings in the future.

~ Elle, Tarot Reader