The Untamed Mystery Tarot

Deck creator: Ivy Feng

Guidebook: Bobby Abate, creator of the Outsider Oracle

The Untamed Mystery Tarot marks an advancement in card printing technology. Published by the Wheel of Fortune Tarot and first released as a Kickstarter campaign, this deck is an inspiration for the next generation of tarot.

The Untamed Mystery is a refined collection of all the best features of modern tarot. It’s the most texture-rich deck I’ve ever held in my hands. The cards are thick with a linen texture and matte brown edges. The images are lined with a rose gold raised foil, giving it the first layer of textural contrast. Parts of the card are also covered with laminate, adding yet another layer of sensation. Furthermore, there are different types of laminate; some are thick and glossy while other coatings are thin and much less reflective.

The box is a marvel in of itself. I call it the ‘sandwich’ style because there’s a lid on both the top and bottom (with the one on the bottom being firmly glued in place). This design exposes the midriff of the box base and the result is simple, graceful and absolutely stunning.

This deck of exquisite quality is accompanied by artwork worthy of its presentation. I love a good animal deck and this is definitely one of the good ones!

What sets this animal deck apart from others is the energy it exudes. Most animal decks are majestic, cute, or fantastic, and they generally possess calm and pleasant auras. The Untamed Mystery Tarot, however, is filled with creepy eyeballs and plants dripping with ooze that can represent anything from poison to nurturing primordial waters. 

The result is a very intense energy. There’s a sense of urgency, like one impatient for transformation. My instinctual reaction was almost a sense of nervousness, as it definitely took me out of my comfort zone. It feels as though the skeletal hands on the card backs are clawing at my soul, demanding my honesty and challenging me to confront my shadows.

If we are receptive and willing to accept its challenge, we just might glean a little of the mystery that is life.