Steampunk Propaganda!


Steampunk Propaganda! is a tarot deck I created. It incorporates old propaganda posters and steampunk elements in its design. Its goal is to offer the whimsical style of the steampunk genre while maintaining the rich layers of meaning embedded in tarot. The utilization of propaganda posters – one of the last place anyone would expect to find spiritual wisdom – reminds us that beauty and wisdom is all around us. We just have to find the right perspective!


This month’s feature card is Star:

Star, Steampunk Propaganda!

The object in this woman’s hand is Pandora’s Box. When it feels like suffering and pain is all there is in this world, remember that hope still exists inside this box.

While opening Pandora’s box is a reference used to describe actions that invite trouble, I see it as a description of how society often deals with difficulty. When Pandora saw what she had unleashed into the world, she quickly closed the box, unknowingly trapping within it the one thing that will combat all the other evils unleashed – hope. Fear eclipses hope and faith and we must find the courage to release them during times of hardship.