Ace of Wands – Beginning

The element of wands is fire.

Fire is the beginning of all life. Our universe began with an explosion. Life on earth is enabled by the energy of the sun. Human civilization started with the taming of the flame. Thus, this most primary element is used to symbolize beginnings.

The Ace of Wands – the first fire – represents the qualities required to initiate and create. These qualities include energy and momentum. In order to start something new, we need both strength and the right timing. Then, once these prerequisites are obtained, our attitude determines the rest.

That our attitudes govern all our successes in life is one of the most important lessons we can learn from the tarot. While setbacks and failures can be caused by things beyond our control, nothing worthy can be gained from bad attitudes. Negativity is like a veil that blinds us from opportunities. Without a positive attitude, we will only see the storm but not the rainbow that comes out when the skies clear.

Furthermore, will and confidence is needed not only to pursue our goals, but it affects the goals we make in the first place. The belief that we are worthy and capable precedes all meaningful accomplishments. Regardless of how wealthy and strong we are, our attitude is our greatest asset.

With this lesson in mind, we should view new beginnings as precious gifts that offer potentials and possibilities. During such times, we need to suspend our disbelief and abandon our doubts and cynicism. Embrace these times with joy, hope and excitement. Believe in our own strength and utilize it in order to nurture seedlings into fruition and churn potentials into outcomes. Now is the time to be daring and creative!


Hexagram 3 – Sprouting

The hexagram of Sprouting is comprised of Water above Thunder. It creates the image of dark rolling clouds followed by the roars of thunder. This can be a frightening and difficult time but the storm will eventually pass and, in its passing, bring with it the rain that is so necessary for growth.

The I Ching compliments the lesson of the tarot by reminding us that, while enthusiasm is necessary, it must be balanced with caution. New beginnings are exciting times but they are also steeped with difficulties that must be overcome and we must factor that into our decisions and actions. Excitement alone is like fireworks – glamorous and colourful but fades all too quickly. We need to work and concentrate to channel this energy before it dissipates if we are to make new beginnings last for more than mere moments. This requires great effort. For a seed to grow into a mighty tree, a tiny sprout must first overcome the pressures of the soil.

Nine on line 1:

Clarity and great care is required in the beginning. Take time to understand what we want to achieve. Before advancing, we need to first fortify our strength. The tiny sprout we see standing on the earth didn’t just pop up. It had to first grow its roots.

Six on line 2:

Once we are ready, we must wait for the right timing. Although waiting can dampen momentum, there is greater danger in hasty decisions and rash actions. A seed sits underneath the soil all year to wait for spring. If it sprouts too early, it will be killed by frost. Don’t act for the sake of acting or accept the first offer due to impatience.

Six on line 3:

There are multiple aspects of preparation. Once we know we are mentally and emotionally prepared for the task ahead, we can make our first move by gathering the resources and strengths required to begin our new venture.

Six on line 4:

No man is an island. In preparing for a new undertaking, we must pay attention not only to ourselves but others around us as well. Make the effort to form partnerships with those who can help further our cause. At this stage, we are building commitment and good faith.

Nine on Line 5:

Take small steps and tread carefully. If obstructions occur, do not fight fire with fire for we are not ready for open conflict. Rather, resolution should be brought about through faithful and conscientious efforts. In other words – work, work, work.

Six on line 6:

Remember, all the warnings thus far are to make us stronger, not to deter us. Don’t let worries or even setbacks impede progress. Don’t give up. We’ll never know the full extent of our potential if we don’t give it our all.



Both the Ace of Wands and Hexagram 3 send the same message, which is that beginnings are very important. We must make the best of each new beginning and not take them lightly.

Furthermore, both deal with the attitude with which we ought to treat life. The Ace of Wands addresses our confidence while the third hexagram advises caution. Together, it offers an attitude of optimism that is tempered with realism.