Ace of Pentacles – Abundance

The Pentacles – being the suit of earth – is about the material world. As such, it is often associated with money and possessions. However, while this suit does often address matters of finance, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that this suit is about money.

Rather, it is about what money can afford. First and foremost, it affords us food and shelter. Having nourishments in our bellies during the day and a safe place to rest our heads during the night are basic necessities for survival. In today’s modern world, money is the surest means of procuring these needs. Therefore, money provides security.

Security, in turn, is the greatest social asset. Civil society cannot function without it as it is one of the pillars of peace. Without a sense of security, people cannot freely extend trust and good will.

Once basic needs are met, money further facilitates our lives by providing us with pleasure and entertainment. The things money can buy satisfy our senses and indulge our fancies. Beautiful things, exciting adventures, or relaxing days on the beach, can all be purchased for a price.

But that’s not all.

The most powerful aspect of money is its ability to generate and replace traditional forms of power. If power is defined as the ability to achieve goals, insert influence and generate energy, than money is power.

In short, money facilitates almost every aspect of physical life. Possessing it can create feelings of abundance and this is what the Ace of Pentacles is truly about.

Feelings of abundance lead to happiness, gratitude and confidence. Those who possess these qualities are far more likely to pursue their desires and work towards their goals. Thus, although this is the suit of earth, abundance ultimately leads to fulfillment that is beyond the physical and material and transcends towards the spiritual.


Hexagram 35 – Progress

Fire over Earth creates the image of the rising sun. This speaks of a time when progress is smooth and natural because external circumstances coincide with inner power and desire. It is also a time when strength is gained by aligning with stronger forces.

During such times, we must make the best of the opportunities we’ve been given by putting all our resources and talents to good use. The Oracle demonstrates this by telling the story of a marquis who has been gifted strong horses by the king as a reward for his service. Instead of merely admiring their beauty, the marquis breeds them. Think not only about the current good times but be far sighted enough to see that all things pass. Good fortune may not last and when it vanishes, we must all strive to adapt. The best way to adapt is to be well prepared.

Six on line 1:

It is difficult to succeed in this world without support. No matter how diligent our efforts, if others do not place their trust in us, our advance will be limited. In such times, we must accept that our influence is small but not let that make us feel small. Instead of worrying about people not paying attention to us, work on improving ourselves so that, when opportunities strike, we will be ready to demonstrate our values and show others how we can contribute to the greater good.

Six on line 2:

We need to invest in relationships naturally, without force and remaining true to ourselves. Do not lose the essence of who we are in an attempt to get others to like us. Remember that trust and friendships take time to build.

When we cannot rely on our superiors to support our growth, we can still rely on old bonds and social networks for comfort and encouragement. While our grandmothers may not be able to get us a promotion at work, they can remind us that we are worthy and loved.

Six on line 3:

Receiving feedback and recognition affirms that we are on the right track. It provides us with confidence to continue on our journey.

Receiving support and assistance from those with influence adds a boost to our progress.

Nine on line 4:

There are many ways to advance oneself and not all ways are honourable. Gains made through actions motivated by fear of loss rather than a genuine desire for positive results is dangerous. Gains made by hurting and deceiving others are tactics of the small and petty. In the long run, such mentality and behaviours will not produce lasting gains but alienate ourselves by decreasing our own trustworthiness.

Six on line 5:

Even in times of progress, when we are ahead and possess influence, we shouldn’t measure our self-worth by status or wealth. Anything that is granted by society can be taken away. Be compassionate and benevolent and we gain the most valuable asset – the loyalty and trust of others.

Nine on line 6:

As with many other hexagrams, the last line warns against excess. Be wary of progress made through aggressive force. Although there are times when we must sternly impose our opinions and desires, this is always a dangerous tactic. Advance with caution and be mindful about minimizing conflict and hostility.



Fortune can imply luck or wealth. When fortune’s on our side, we feel positive and confident, knowing that we have the ability and resources to manifest our goals and desires.

Sometimes good fortune is the results of diligence and hard work. Other times, it feels like those who possess it has done nothing to deserve it. The concern here, however, isn’t how to obtain fortune or the worthiness of those who possess it. Rather, the focus is how we view and use the fortune we have. Are we grateful or entitled? Do we use if wisely or waste it away on passing fancies and indulgences?

Fortune can assist us and propel us to new heights and opportunities. But it doesn’t happen automatically. Even the wealthiest person can end up homeless if they are careless with their fortune. We must use it wisely.

Above all else, we must remember that fortune itself doesn’t guarantee success. Never abandon dedication and hard work even when we have money in the bank account and luck on our side.