3 of Pentacles – Work

The 3 of Pentacles shows three people of different professions working together to build a cathedral. They share their ideas respectfully.

This card is about a way of working – work that contributes to the greater good of society and, therefore, has value and meaning. In this card, every party knows their role and finds joy, pride and satisfaction in what they do. Furthermore, people feel valued for everyone has a useful skill to contribute. As they work, they are not merely working for a pay cheque or for the sake of getting the job done, but consciously towards a goal and making dreams come true.

Also embedded in the meaning of this card is the idea of harmonious work. When this card shows up in a reading, people will find ways to work together through trust and mutual respect. There is collaboration and constructive feedback.

Furthermore, this card also describes the quality of work being accomplished. The project in question is well planned, well managed and well executed. It is driven by a clear vision, effective planning, strong leadership and faithful work.

If ever there is any doubt, this card also acts as an encouragement to keep working towards our dreams. It is a reminder that we have what it takes to accomplish our goals. Don’t be disheartened because we have not yet seen the fruits of our labour. Many more hours of tedious work may be required before we begin to see results but, remember, things that are worthwhile rarely comes easily or quickly.


Hexagram 45 – Gathering

Gathering describes an event in nature where water gathers over the earth to form a lake. Just like in nature, people gather together to form something greater than themselves. This hexagram speaks of large undertaking of people with shared visions. When joining such a cause, we must be ready to commit. Thus, in preparation, we must ask ourselves, what are we investing in and what are we willing to give?

While we must be willing to give and sacrifice to join, we must always maintain our sense of self. Do not give into mob mentality and never forget what we stand for. We have nothing valuable to contribute the moment we lose ourselves.

Six on line 1:

Confusion is caused by the lack of clear understanding and leadership. Cry out for help and express concerns so that these issues may be addressed.

Six on line 2:

The key to successful gatherings it to know what it is that is drawing people together. Take time to genuinely understand each other and how to best support one another.

Six on line 3:

Some gatherings are not harmonious and are filled with bickering and drama. In these situations, we need to question whether we should stay and try to work through it or leave this group behind.

Nine on line 4:

To participate in a gathering, it is most important to remain civil and respectful. Do not hold doggedly to our own point of view but be willing to listen to others. Even those who consider themselves leaders need to learn how to follow.

Nine on line 5:

Follow a leader for their ability and vision, not their power over others. Likewise, those who lead should aim to gain following through demonstration of goodwill, and not through intimidation or coercion

Six on line 6:

Sometimes, one’s good intentions are not well received by others. When the sorrow becomes too much to bear, there is cause for regret. It is time to recognize that there is no way to proceed.



There is effort in getting along with others and then there is genuine harmony. While respect, civility, compromise and tolerance are all necessary qualities to any organization, they are not goals in of themselves. For people to truly band together and work towards a common goal, we need to achieve harmony. When this state is achieved, working together is no longer an effort or an act of will. Rather, things flow naturally and enjoyably.