4 of Pentacles – Wealth

A crowned man sits alone, far away from the rest of the city. A coin sits on top of his crown and his feet are resting upon two more. He is hunched over a forth coin, encircled by his arms and placed in front of his chest.

At the most basic level, this card embodies the idea of wealth and the security that it provides. It could also indicate accomplishment and the satisfaction that comes with it. A person represented by this card is likely to be self-sufficient and very protective of his or her money and possessions.

As fortunate as this man appears at first glance, however, it is easy to see the darker meanings implied in this card. The fact that he is far removed from society shows the possibility of valuing material possessions above social interaction and, thereby, alienating himself. Furthermore, while he is surrounded by his wealth, he is also weighed down by it. His immobility due to the effort it takes to hold onto his coins means that he is willing to forsake fun and spontaneity to maintain a rigid control over his environment.

Viewed from this perspective, we see a man who is defined by his money and status. As a result, he is selfish and miserly. He hoards instead of reinvesting his wealth within the community.

When this card comes up in a reading, it can be a reflection of economic security and accomplishment. It can also be a warning not to make material possessions and social status the ultimate goal. Being on top of the world may seem desirable at first, but it may also be lonely after a while. Wealth in of itself is neither morally good nor bad. It is how we use it that makes it so.


Hexagram 55 – Greatness

Thunder above and fire beneath symbolizes external actions guided by inner clarity. This speaks of a time of action – a need to make decisions and be ready to accept the consequences.

This is likened to the time of high noon. From here on, the sun begins to set. Instead of mourning the going of the sun, we should take advantage of this moment because we understand that opportunities to achieve greatness are brief. This is a period of wealth – of resources, but also of choices.

Nine on line 1:

Sometimes we meet allies and guidance along the road. These are not lifelong mates, but still valuable. Learn what we are meant to learn before we move on.

Six on line 2:

A solar eclipse begins to mask the light of the sun and darkness reigns when there should be light. During such times of uncertainty and fear, trust in ourselves and let our instincts guide us. When we have no external guidance, we must be guided by our own internal truths.

Nine on line 3:

The eclipse reaches totality; we are left in the dark and unable to see what the best course of action ought to be. This need not be a bad thing – perhaps it is wise not to act.

Nine on line 4:

Under these unusual circumstances, we may be forced to face our fears but the situation isn’t hopeless. Without the brilliance of the sun, the light of the stars can be seen. We can, thus, still orient ourselves.

Six on line 5:

Although stressful and frightening, such difficult periods often herald new times. See this moment as the potential for creation that it is and work bravely to create the new world we want to live in.

Six on line 6:

Our role and responsibilities are all too clear – and it seems too much to bear. Under mounting pressure, all we want to do is shut ourselves off. But change and growth will not come about from hiding.



Power is the force and ability to achieve one’s goals and desires. When contemplating this important concept, there are many aspects to consider. First of all would be how we’ve attained our power. Was it through just and honourable means or via corruption?

Next, we must decide what we want to do with it. If we are selfish, we can hoard it. If we are careless, we can squander it away. Do we utilize our power to enrich ourselves and others or does it become a weapon of oppression in our hands?