6 of Wands – Achievement

A man rides on a white horse covered with a bright yellow cape. The rider himself is crowned with a wreath and the wand he carries also has a wreath tied to it. In the background, there is a crowd of onlookers.

The 6 of Wands speaks about the results of a successful endeavour. One in this situation has worked hard and overcome opposition. Now, not only is there victory, there is also recognition for the efforts made. And, yet, this card isn’t about glory or celebration. Rather, it addresses how one should react to success.

We should enjoy this merry occasion. Allow this moment to become a source of confidence in the rest of our journey. Take pride in what we have achieved thus far and know that we are worthy of our recognition. At the same time, however, we must be careful not to become arrogant.

Learn from the man depicted in this card. While he sits upright, he is not strutting; while he holds the wand beside him confidently, he does not lift it high in the air and draw attention to the trophy. And although his face is partially turned away towards the crowd, the little that can be seen of his facial expression is solemn and not grinning with pride or conceit.

This victory march is not the end, but only one of many points in our journey. Understand that more hard work is required to reach our ultimate goal. Understand also that responsibility comes with achievement. If we forget these lessons and let our ego inflate us, we will lose the support of those who are cheering us on right now. We will also lose all that we’ve worked for the moment we believe we can stop working.

This best way to take advantage of this moment is to use it as a stepping stone towards the next stage of our journey. Now is the time to build upon the achievements made. If we’ve gained new alliances, nourish them into strong lasting bonds. If a new position was gained, work hard to be worthy of this new role.

In addition to looking forward, also take time to look back and be grateful for all that has been gained. Although we’ve worked hard, there is an element of luck in everything we do and, often times, assistance from others as well.


Hexagram 14 – Great Possession

Fire above Heaven is the sun sitting high up in the sky. This is the image of Great Possession. It tells us that the sun in heaven is the source of our greatest wealth for it is its warmth and light that bestows life here on earth.

Just like the 6 of Wands, this hexagram does not reveal the secrets of how to accumulate wealth but how wealth should be used. As recipients of the precious gift of life, we should act in accordance with the will of heaven by sharing our wealth with others.

Nine on line 1:

In accumulating wealth, we must be careful to remain correct in our thoughts and behaviours. Money and power is always accompanied by temptation and we must be aware of this danger. Avoid indulgence and practice self-restraint.

Nine on line 2:

Possessing wealth is likened to having a wagon filled with supplies. When we are well equipped, we can go where we please. The message of this line is that wealth is a tool to be used to propel us towards our ultimate destination and not for hoarding.

Nine on line 3:

To the virtuous, possession means more than just ‘having’. Those endowed with virtues use their possessions to dedicate themselves to a higher vision. Having some money and power enhances our survival. Having enough provides comfort. Beyond that, it affords us the ability to instill change. The changes that we make at this stage should benefit not just ourselves, but society as well.

Nine on line 4:

Wealth is a form of strength and power. The wise know not to presume upon their strength. They are not arrogant and do not abuse their power. They do not try to dominate others but submit themselves to what is correct and just.

Six on line 5:

Wealth can provide us material comforts but it cannot buy happiness, love and friendship. The faith and loyalty of others is won by displaying sincerity and goodwill. Be truthful and others will reciprocate likewise.

Nine on line 6:

If a person can manage their wealth according to the instructions of this hexagram, this person has attained and helped spread the wealth of heaven. Heaven, in turn, will reward the person with good fortune.



Many people consider success as having money, power, and respect. While these are certainly useful possessions that will be of great assistance in any endeavor one takes on in life, they are not the end goal. In of themselves, they cannot provide us with happiness, love and peace. Rather, they are merely tools to help achieve these ultimate goals. Thus, when we accumulate some measures of success and wealth, we need to be mindful of how we use it so that it can lead to true and lasting gains.