Divination for Empowerment

Divination is the act of deriving knowledge through intuition via divination tools like crystal balls and tarot cards. Most people who are not familiar with these arts make no differentiation between divination and circus side show fortune tellers. They associate these acts with superstition or, even worst, the devil’s art.

Unfortunately, there are many bad psychics out there who perpetuate these negative stereotypes. Bad psychics prey on people’s insecurities and vulnerabilities by offering false promises and empty comforts. Some may even go as far as to create emotional dependencies in their clients. The Toronto Star recently ran a story about people who are so desperate for hope that they spent thousands of dollars on psychics to light candles and say prayers on their behalf.

Such shameful breach of trust by those who are supposed to act as spiritual guides is the exact opposite of what divination is. When used correctly, it is one of the greatest tools for self-empowerment. In a reading with an honest diviner, the reading acts as a mirror to one’s thoughts and situations. Depending on the question being asked, the reading will provide affirmation, reassurance or the necessary wake up call to reality and remove any false hopes that one has been clinging onto. In short, it helps people see themselves and their situations more clearly.

Furthermore, a divination reading does not replace decision making. Rather, its goal is to provide people with enough information and knowledge for them to choose for themselves. It removes doubt through the instillation of self-confidence.

But while a divination reading by an honest diviner can be quite useful, divination is most beneficial when we divine for ourselves. Because divination works through intuition, what we are actually doing when we divine is listening to our own voice. To pay attention to our intuition is to pay attention to our emotions and desires. When we interpret the symbols presented in our divination tools, what we are really doing is meditating. We are contemplating certain ideas and considering how they apply to ourselves. It is a process of self-discovery, one of the exciting journey any of us can ever partake.

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