Following Your Intuition Is More Logical Than You May Think

In today’s hyper-modern world, where science dominates all other schools of thought, being logical has become the same thing as being right. This idea has a tendency to lead towards an attitude of mistrust towards intuition because the two are seen as polar opposites.

This is a deeply flawed concept that has produced much emotional and spiritual discontent. In order to correct this, we must understand what logic and intuition mean and, more importantly, how they are both necessary to our well-being.

Logic is understanding derived through conscious thought. To be logical is to be consistent in one’s thought process – to think about action followed by consequence, and problem through to solution.

The scientific method, which is based upon logic, adheres to strict principles and can, thus, be replicated by anyone who follows the same rules. With this method, two people on opposites sides of the world can independently conduct the same experiment and expect to produce the exact same results.

Intuition, on the other hand, is understanding without thought. It is instinctual and irreplicable.

The benefits of logic is easy to see because science has propelled humanity into modernity by giving us technology and modern medicine.

Furthermore, it is easy to be suspicious of subjective truth because so much crime against humanity has been committed due to unscientific beliefs and fears about people who are different from one’s own clan. Witch burning, genocide, persecution of homosexuals are only a few of the many examples.

So why is the abandonment of intuition a bad thing?

Because intuition is not just another superstition, but the foundation of emotions. So many meaningful aspects of our lives aren’t based on factual rights and wrongs but emotional truths. Anyone who has ever laughed at a joke, cried for a movie character, forgave a friend’s hurtful behaviour or fallen in love will understand this.

To ignore our intuition is to ignore our emotions.

I believe that the habitual denial of our emotions is the cause of much mental suffering and illness in this world. So many people who drive nice cars, live in big houses and work at high paying jobs are unhappy even though they have everything that society tells them they should want. So many people feel like they have to abandon their own personal truths in order to make the ‘right’ life choices.

But what’s the point in being right if we’re miserable? Is the purpose of humanity to be right or to love and feel?

Albert Einstein once said, “the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” If being logical is good, then isn’t it the logical thing to do to heed the words of one of the wisest human who has ever lived?

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