We Are Magicians

The law of attraction is the theory that our thoughts and emotions generate energy. Every moment we spend thinking and feeling something, we add to that particular field of energy. Over time, the energy condenses until it takes on a primal thought form – a mental blueprint. And once the blueprint is created in our minds, our bodies naturally follow it and work towards turning our inner reality into an external reality. Consciously or unconsciously, we attract people and events into our lives through our thoughts and emotions.

This popular belief is reminiscent of the ancient concept of magic.

Magic has been practiced in every culture since time immemorial. While the gods worshipped and rituals performed differed, the essence was always the same. A spell involved a clearly envisioned goal, faith that it will come to be and expression of that intent. In other words, magic is the act of turning desire into reality through will. Aleister Crowley, one of the most famous magicians of all time, once said that “every intentional act is a magical act.”

This doesn’t mean that things will happen instantly and without effort. Rather, magic is a way of being. To imbue our lives with magic is to live with purpose. Every meaningful accomplishment and creation begins with knowing what we want and having the faith that we have the ability to make it happen. When we start with this positive attitude, the magic will start to flow. Hard work is still required but the work itself will be rewarding and enjoyable.

As fantastic as this idea is, the truly amazing part is that we are all capable of this. We don’t need special DNA or an elite education. We can all create magic the moment we believe in ourselves.

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