We all have hopes and dreams. We set goals for ourselves and believe that we will be happy when we’ve attained them. Apparently, this belief is similar to addicts who believe that getting a dose of the substance they are addicted to will satisfy them. In reality, every act of indulgence sets them deeper in a trap.

This is, of course, not to say that we shouldn’t have goals. Rather, the point is that there is something unhealthy with the way many of us view the concept of goals.

In our modern world, many of us are driven by the desire to have more and be more. We do not feel complete and worthy until we’ve obtained the object or position of our desires. Then, moments after attainment, instead of enjoying the fruits of our labour, we return to the state of incompleteness and, therefore, set new goals to ease this feeling.

When our goals are driven by materialism and status, reaching our goals do not make us happy. They merely reinforce the cycle of desire.

Instead of relying on goals to make us be happy, our expectations should be the other way around; being happy enables us to set meaningful goals and the energy and desire to achieve them.

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