Writing Practice: Alien Queen

Card: Empress

Deck: Universal Fantasy Tarot by Paolo Martinello

The Empress of Mava stood stoically over the raging sea in her makeshift pod fashioned out of her own roots. The thunderous roars of the rolling waves was a stark contrast to the deathly silence she had grown so accustomed to.

So this is the blue planet, she thought.

Even though her face showed no expression, countless emotions were churning inside her, rolling madly like the waters around her.

Her crew back on the ship hovering in the skies above her were filled with excitement and relief. After three long years, they had finally found the planet the prophets foretold. Now, her people were eager to breathe in fresh air and have a new place to call home. More than anything, she wanted to return to the ship with good news but she couldn’t let her hopes cloud her vision.

And so she remained cautious as she surveyed the water. While the water seemed to dance, she could detect no life force within it. This concerned her but she told herself that this wasn’t necessarily bad news.

The Empress closed her violet eyes and focused on her minds eyes, connecting herself with the pearl on her headdress. It required more effort than it did back home, but eventually the lines of ruby leading from her forehead to the orb began to glow. When the connection was made, she began to broadcast a peace call.

She had no idea how long she stood above the waters as she emitted her signals. Time felt so different on this planet. After what seemed like a thousand thoughts of home, she sensed a response.

She opened her eyes, and to her delight, saw a pod of dolphins leap out of the waters. Their smiling faces were so comforting that it brought tears to her eyes. To find friends this far away from home was a fortune beyond anything she could have hoped for.

Gracefully, she transformed the folds of her dress into a fin and dipped it into the waters. After being cooped up in the ship for so long, the cold water felt like bliss and she released a long sigh of pleasure. For the first time since they sighted this planet, she smiled.

She waved her fin in the water and her smile widened when she felt the dolphins’ response. They began to circle around her pod, splashing and squealing with joy. The eldest of the pod kissed her fin. Welcome, my lady, she said.

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