Tarot offers choices

A lot of people use tarot to predict future events. Personally, I think other card systems such as Lenormand and Kipper are better suited for prediction based readings.

Tarot, with its layers of symbolisms and a structure that is capable of incorporating various beliefs and philosophies, is best suited as a tool for spiritual guidance. Instead of telling us what will happen or what to do in a situation, it presents us with possible scenarios and alternative perspectives. In other words, it offers us choices.

I was reminded of this when I started using Madam Clara’s 5 Cent Tarot.

I normally don’t read reversals, but this deck is so elegantly designed to incorporate reversals that I make an exception. However, I still shuffle my cards in a way that the cards always remain upright. Instead of letting the reversals be random, I consider the question and see whether reading it reversed will aid the situation.

Here’s an example in which I chose to read the cards upright as well as reversed:

Some recent changes to my work environment had dramatically impacted how I feel about my job in a negative way. It was an extremely stressful and dissatisfying situation that caused me to lose my enthusiasm for the work that I once loved.

I asked the cards how I should deal with this work situation and, in their upright positions, it is an encouragement as well as a suggestion on how to move forward positively. The Ace of Buttons (Pentacles), being the central theme of this reading, suggests that I take this event as an opportunity to grow and further develop my skills and work relations.

The three cards at the bottom reminds me that I already have a strong network of colleagues for whom I can rely on. It is also a message that this is not a sad ending but a time to reinforce my foundations. Lastly, The Hanged Man teaches that I must sacrifice my sense of disappointment and feelings of victimization in order to receive joy.

Alternatively, this reading also serves as a warning when I turn the cards upside down. What was once a promise of opportunity becomes a warning.

If I insist of dwelling in my sadness, it can turn into a bad attitude, which will alienate myself, wear out the hard work ethics I’ve worked a lifetime to achieve and fail to grow as a worker and a person. I can choose to continue with my suffering, but in doing so, I am forfeiting my potential for future happiness.

There are things that happen to us that are beyond our control. This reading has reminded me that when these things happen, we must remember that we aren’t entirely helpless. We can always choose how we react – and our decisions are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

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