Destiny is Not a Destination

A lot of people, especially those who have faith in divination, believe in destiny to some degree. Those who work with astrology may even say that our fates are ‘written in the stars’.

On the one hand, divination and destiny seems to go hand in hand. After all, how can we see into the future if the events haven’t already been determined?

On the other hand, I firmly believe that the purpose of divination is to empower. Information received during divination is meant to offer clarity so that better decisions can be made. So, how can I believe in divination if I don’t believe in free will?

I like to use the astrological birth chart to reconcile these two seemingly polar opposite beliefs.

For those who are unfamiliar with astrology, a birth chart is the locations of the planets at the time of one’s birth placed onto a geocentric map. The signs and houses that the planets are in and their relationship to each other will determine the major influences in our lives.

I see this chart as a map, not a destination. The purpose of the birth chart is to give us an understanding of the terrain we must venture within. Some of us may be born into a landscape of peaceful rivers and beautiful forests while others may be surrounded by steep mountains and raging seas. Neither is better than the other; what some find peaceful, others find boring and what is dangerous and impossible to some will be great adventures for others.

Within these mapped territories, we get to choose where we want to go and how we get there.

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