New Religion

While we may be abandoning certain beliefs, we are also reinforcing and strengthening the beliefs we choose to keep. Each time our faith stand up to the test of doubt, we grow stronger and more confident in who we are. … More New Religion

Growing Pains

One of the most memorable readings I have ever done was during the earliest stages of my tarot reading career, when I was still only reading for close friends and family. It was a relationship question for one of my closest friends.   The 7 of Swords came up at the center of the spread. … More Growing Pains

We Are Magicians

The law of attraction is the theory that our thoughts and emotions generate energy. Every moment we spend thinking and feeling something, we add to that particular field of energy. Over time, the energy condenses until it takes on a primal thought form – a mental blueprint. And once the blueprint is created in our … More We Are Magicians